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Dear Celtic Way Friends & Family

I have had conversations with our Executive Board, nurses, and other health care providers. The Executive Board and I believe that the better part of wisdom tells us that we need to suspend our monthly Breaking Bread services until further notice. This is a sad decision for me, not a difficult one. It is sad because I enjoy praying, sharing eucharist, and singing together. It is not difficult in that we have your/our best interest at heart. We have a number of people who fall into the high- risk category when it comes to COVID-19. This then, is the right decision.


Please know that we will pray for you often. We ask for your prayers and continued support of Celtic Way. I would ask that you keep an eye on our Face Book page and our web-site, as well as feeling free to call if you have any pressing needs or questions.


These are difficult days for all of us. It is not just an American thing; it is not a red or a blue thing; it is not a Caucasian or a Latino thing. It is a global event. It is affecting Mother earth and all her children. As members of the dominant species we carry the privilege of a sacred responsibility to care for all. Period. All.


As tempting as it is to give into fear, which quickly turns into panic, let us continue down the path of prayer. Let us embrace hope, compassion, and trust. The darkness is growing, let’s push back now with real love and courage. I will see you around town…I’ll see you in the distance…I’ll know you by the light you’re shining!


In Christ,

Father Scott. Creative Director

Teri Thompson, Executive Director

Lynda Francoeur, Chair of the Board

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