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Ben Edwards

Blogger, Celtic Way

I’ve been amazed by the connection my Mother has always had to the natural world. By most accounts (in American Christian terms) I grew up in a “secular” home. That means that we didn’t really do the whole church thing. We made it a family tradition to attend Mass on Christmas Eve and then come back home to open gifts, which fulfilled our yearly expectation for church attendance. Though I went through a time in my life when I bought into the idea that my Mother was not a very spiritual person, I have come to see that it is her deep connection to the natural world—particularly to the animals throughout her life—that rests as a part of the deepest theological foundation within me.


That foundation got a little covered over by several years of church immersion and collegiate theological training. What I was able to identify as my deepest spiritual convictions failed to honor this gift I inherited from my Mother. That is, until I encountered Celtic Christianity. I remember having a conversation with Father Scott a few years ago when I said that I felt as if “Christ of the Celts” by John Philip Newell was putting words to something I have deeply felt for a long time.


Since that conversation I have been heavily influenced by Celtic spirituality. I am deeply grateful for the chance to be a part of the Celtic Way community.


I would be doing a great injustice if I didn’t mention that I am not a loner on this journey. I am a husband to Nicole, a father to Emery and Kilian, and “best friend” to Zero (our dog).

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