The Return Part 1: Goose In the Bag

Jessica and I were returning from an uncommon and exceptional time of spiritual sharing up at the Y.M.C.A. camp in Estes Park. We had a quick bite to eat for lunch with my wife, Kris and decided to head over to City Park. We would talk and hold times of silence and then talk some more. It was a beautiful day to sit with a friend outdoors. I do not know about you, but it is a common thing for me to get stuck, wander into, or intentionally want to stay in my head centered approach to God, life, spirituality – you name it. Jess, on the other hand is free and open in her being connected to the divine in all things. She breathes that way, moves in her heart centeredness naturally, and is simple (


I have been reading The Stranger in the Woods: The Extraordinary True Story of the Last True Hermit.” The book tells the story of Christopher Knight, a man who lived alone in the woods of Maine for nearly three decades. I am an introvert and, I must admit, there is something appealing about living far away from the consumerism, pressure, and hustle and bustle of society. The demands of our culture can no doubt be overwhelming- to have a successful career, to have all the right stuff, to dress a certain way, to be the perfect [insert your role here]. On some days, it really is enough to make one run for the mountains. And yet, hospitality is one of the hallmarks of Celtic Christianity. There’

Celtic Fire

There was a small grass fire near my house a few weeks ago. I drive past the hill that caught fire nearly every day on my way to work. No structures were damaged, but the hillside was a charred black for several days. Then, suddenly, the hill turned vibrant green. I was shocked. And mesmerized. I pulled my car over to take a picture. I stood and stared for a while. I ended up being late to a meeting. It hadn’t even rained. This hillside just went from blackened ashes to vibrant green growth overnight. A visible sign of new life. The image of this green hill is stuck in my mind even today. The contrast was striking. All the grass that had not been burned remained the traditional brown of earl


When I sat down to write my first Celtic Way blog I was excited, but when my fingers touched the key board I became riddled with anxiety. After numerous blogs written in my head and several days of procrastination, I realized what was holding me back. The thought of sharing my journey with strangers was frightening! I thought about the ancient Celts who were known for their hospitality and for them how there were no strangers. Many stories have been told of Celtic hospitality where travelers were known to go miles out of their way to pass through Celtic villages. It was a well-known fact that passersby were assured to be welcomed in from the cold, warmed by a fire, and fed the finest of a Ce

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