A Week of Wonders

This has been a week of wondering for me. Wondering why we can be so competitive and snarky with each other, wondering why untimely death and suffering are front and center in so many of our days, wondering how to navigate between desire and demonstrated best practices, wondering . . . you name it. I’m sure you have wonders of your own. And really, sometimes wonders are truly wonderful. Like the five goslings peering out from their mother’s feathers in City Park after the last snow. The Swainson’s hawk diving in front of my car with wings spreading beyond my windshield. Golden Elder blossoms bursting out along the fence and a new family of bunnies under the shrubs by the garage. Then t

The Return Part 4: A New Rhythm

Do you ever get that sort of restless feeling? Like you just want to get in the jeep and go for a drive? Or have you ever had the restless feeling combined with the, “I want some ice cream AND I want to go to the bookstore all in one jumbled up mess inside?” That is me…frequently. I called our lets- go –get- some- ice- cream- even- though –we-know-we- shouldn’t friends, but for a forgotten reason they could not go that night. What to do? I stooped to new depths. That’s not true. I’ve stooped to these depths a few times before. I said to my wife, Kris, “Let’s go get some ice cream!” Now, when you have been married as long as we have you know the other’s weak spot. I didn’t feel particularly b

The Return Part 3: The Temptation to Travel Alone

Saturday started out so innocently. I had a good workout. Then I was hungry! I was walking out to the jeep when I felt this nudge to call Teri, a good friend and also a founder of Celtic Way. I called and she was up for our shared addiction…we met at Starbucks on Buckley Avenue. It is close to their home, almost always crowded and you should find a signal to turn left in order to get safely into their parking lot. It is a crazy avenue. The coffee was good and carries that Starbucks kick that makes us all go back for more. The conversation centered on our families and then Celtic spirituality. The details get a little sketchy from here but the essence is still within me. There were, go ahead

The Return Part 2: The, “In Our Face Goose!”

My last blog ended with a summation after my first encounter with the wild goose. There I wrote, “That everything is inter-connected; that the divine is present and at work in all things; and that my experiences are doorways to revelation of God’s love for us all. Long ago I had to be taught not to trust my experiences. After all, the wild goose is a symbol of the Holy Spirit and setting her free has more to do with my sense of being bound as much as it did hers! Now it is time to claim my own inner authority.” Little did I know that this rediscovered way of being in the world – which is what a real belief is, would be put to the test just two days after the first encounter and of course it

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