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God Meets us in our Dreams

Thursdays: January 30 & February 6

Soup Supper

 6:00 pm

Celtic Conversation

6:30- 8:00 pm

The Arc of Justice Common House

4200 S Washington, St., CO 80113

Dreams are a portal to our psyche and a  powerful source of spiritual inspiration and messaging from our higher power. Group dreamwork taps into the collective unconscious and is a surprisingly powerful gateway to on-going deeper spiritual connection. 


These conversations will include a background on Jung's dream work and simple but powerful steps to use with individual or group dream interpretation experiences.  Presenters, Shani Jones RN, MDiv & Rev Schawn Kellogg RN, MDiv, will demonstrate methods of dream analysis, and offer an opportunity for sharing and participation.


Conversations influence by The Haden program , based in the Christian mystical tradition, including Celtic thought and practice, and influenced by Carl Jung's psychological contributions on dream work and archetypes as well as Enneagram application to personal and professional development.

About Our Hosts:

                          Schawn Kellogg is an ordained Deacon in the UMC and is a student at Haden Institute in North                                      Carolina, pursuing a certification in Spiritual Direction.






                           Shani Jones is a worship leader in the Celtic Way, holds a Master of Divinity from the Illif School of                                 Theology, is the former owner of Capital Tea, and works as an RN for Little Sisters of the Poor in                                     Denver.


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