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The Song Of The Three Coldrons

Wisdom, it is said, has two forms: Linear and spiral. In Western culture, wisdom is the straight-line of logic equals, or grants, wisdom. Spiral Wisdom offers an alternative way to understand wisdom. Spiral Wisdom, according to Celtic Wisdom Poetry is a wisdom that flows through all that there is, never stops flowing, and is the earthly incarnation of the mind of God. Not only does it flow from the mind of God, it is the Spirit of God. Not much different than the how God’s Spirit is depicted in the Hebrew scripture as Sophia.


This understanding of Wisdom permeated much of Celtic myth, legend and poetry. Of particular importance to our understanding this Spiraling Wisdom is the “Song of the Three Cauldrons.” Although found in an 15th c. Irish legal codex compiled by monks, the song herself claims to flow from two much older, and pre-Christian sages—The Welsh Druid, Amairgen and the Ultonian (Irish) Chief Bard, Nede mac Adne.

In the Celtic oral tradition tales are most often sung. The Song of the Three Cauldrons is no different, except that this is a Wisdom Song rather than a song of heroic deeds.


~This class is offered by Frank Mills


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