Park in the Fall

Fall Festival

Saturday, November 13


5:00 to 6:00



6:00 to 7:30


913 North Wyandot St.



 ( Located next door to Joshua Station)


The fall season is upon us. The leaves are changing, providing us with an array of breathtaking colors. Releasing is one of the primary themes of this time of year. We let go of patterns, behaviors, whatever it may be that we are being called to release from our lives.

Autumn is also a time for the final harvest before winter sets in. What is coming forth to harvest in our lives? What are we reaping from the soils of our souls-work? How are we expressing gratitude in these difficult times?


Our friends from Transforming Creatives, led by John and Linda Maikowski will be collaborating with Celtic Way to host this event.


Please come and joins us. We are asking everyone to be fully vaccinated. You may bring your favorite beverage to share and some finger foods as well. Always know your friends are welcome here. We look forward to seeing you.


In the Spirit of Autumn,

Transforming Creatives


Celtic Way