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Shani Jones

Spiritual Contributor  

Raised in rural Nebraska I thought God resided in the Sanctuary of Methodist church. While I have warm fuzzy memories of the structured denominational church and have certainly experienced the best of what that can be, my most transformational experiences have come from Christian community outside the ‘church’ as we know it. 


Having left formal church ministry I Encounter God in my work in Denver in a much more authentic and meaningful way than I did in the past.

And in the heart of Denver’s urban setting is where I encountered Celtic Christianity.


This pre-Roman practice of Christianity is inspirational and so simple yet profound. God found everywhere in us and through the natural world—the inner light and life in all things Is exactly what my soul knows. 


I'm involved with the Celtic Way because of it's value on equality and care of all God's creation. I  hear what I have known in my heart all along--that the light of God is within me and that I am inherently good--inherently God. That we are loved just as we are and called to be the likeness of God. This is the journey I am on thanks to the Celtic Way.


Embracing this way on my spiritual path is exactly where i am called to be.

Thanks be to God!

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