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Rev. Stacy Collins
Spiritual Contributor  

I was introduced to Celtic Way (and Father Scott) by my soul sister, Shani Jones. We both had gone to seminary together and became ordained United Methodist clergy around the same time. As someone who has worked in the Church for many years, I had been seeking ways to feed my own soul.  I have been intrigued by Celtic Spirituality for years, so I attended Breaking Bread Worship. This inspires me to find my rhythm in tandem with the rhythm of the seasons and my daily work.

After attending for a short while, I began to help with the music and worship planning. I am grateful for the organic way that this community functions. I feel that people’s different styles and gifts are honored by the whole community.  My husband, Steve, and I moved to Larkspur, CO a couple years ago. We are getting more time and space to be more in tune with nature. Celtic Way helps me to continue to see all the Earth and her people through the lens of the Sacred.   
                                                                                                                 In gratitude,

Rev. Stacy Collins

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