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The Heartlight Center

11150 E Dartmouth Ave, Denver, CO 80014


This monthly gathering on the 2nd Saturday of each month from 5 to 7, is our way of interpreting the Celtic influence in sharing the sacred meal. Each month will be a unique experience in recognition of the season. In true Celtic tradition our time of prayer will be followed by hospitality so please bring finger foods & beverage or libation to share! 

The Gift of Darkness and the Coming of the Winter Quarter

November 11th   The Thin Darkness: Saints Beyond the Veil

December 9th     The Gift of Darkness: A Child is Born within the Shadows

January 13th      Seeing Light through the Darkness: A Star for ALL to Follow

The Celtic New Year begins on All Hallows eve and continues through the month of January. Like much of life itself whether it is a caterpillar in its pupa or a little one within the womb our beginnings are in the dark. This is re-presented in the Celtic, Jewish, and Christian calendars as each tradition begins its New Year in the shadowy quarter. Imagine this – that out of the darkness (think mystery) arises all possibilities, all of life.


We cannot “see” nor control what lies within the dark. What an invitation to trust God with open palm and heart instead of closed fist and mind.

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