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Scott L. Jenkins

Founding Director

One would think that after four years as a Biblical Literature student in college, four years of graduate school and over twenty five years of pastoral ministry that my episodes of theological upheaval would be in the rear-view mirror. Thank God that was not the case for me.


On a cold, snowy night at the tail end of a long day, my wife, Kris and I attended a presentation by a Celtic scholar by the name of John Philip Newell. I was tired and a little resistant about attending but...



Teri Thompson
Founding Director

Joining this fantastic group of people to launch the message and mission of Celtic Way is an honor and privilege! Although I have spent the better part of my adult life building good things with others; a loving family, national organizations, faith communities, and the first charter school in my city this undertaking feels inexplicably different.


Endeavoring to build Celtic Way and making this commitment feels like the truest mission yet, to be offered as a gift for the future of our children and ultimately all whose lives can be enriched by its offering... [READ MORE FROM TERI HERE]

Lynda Francoeur
Board Chair

This narrative has been long in the making.  Not long because I had so much to say, but long because I was not sure about what to say. By nature, I am not a particularly introspective individual.  I am more concerned with getting an undertaking completed than I am with discerning or expressing my reasons for taking it on.

My Celtic Way “why” is not a well- articulated expression about spirituality in general, my personal ideas of Celtic spirituality or my spiritual journey in this life. My reasons are practical, direct, and sincere much like myself.  

                                                                                                                                   [READ MORE FROM LYNDA HERE]


Kevin Born

I joined the board of Celtic Way in June 2017.  The values of Celtic Way resonate with me and energize me in a way I haven’t felt in years.  Inclusivity & equality, positive self-image, hospitality & service, and evolving faith represent the values I want to embody in my life and wish to share with others. 


I look forward to walking with Celtic Way and witnessing its effects on my life’s journey.  I am excited to see how this journey unfolds: for me personally, for Celtic Way as an organization, and for the fortunate folk who will cross paths with this life-giving community. 


Ann Dolbier.jpg

Ann Dolbier


If our live cycles fall within the Celtic Cycle of Life, then I fall into Samhain the season for rest and refreshment.  I have been blessed with a wonderful, long life. One filled with adventure, sadness, love, learning and joy.


As a young child I was introduced to God. Others told me about “Him” and told me what to believe. Along the way, though, I began to experience, spiritually, a different Divine reality.  My childhood god didn’t make it through college as I studied science. College god didn’t make it very long either as I confronted the reality of life. Every aspect of my life falls within the Celtic Wheel.


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