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Eileen Terry Spiritual Contributor & Blogger

I grew up on a small farm and have lived in and been nourished by Christian communities all my life. And though I am steeped in Scripture my most enlightening and challenging experiences have come again and again from the natural world and from relationships with people and animals. During my career in cardiac nursing and from my ongoing involvement with gardening, birding and hiking God has, for years, been nudging me earthward and inward, back to my roots in the created world.


A few years ago I began reading Celtic Christianity books and prayers from various sources, and then had the privilege of attending a week-long workshop taught by John Philip and Ali Newell at Ghost Ranch in New Mexico. After that there was no going back for me—I could not turn away from what my heart had known all along, that God is continually being revealed in the natural world and in human hearts and lives. Celtic Christianity rang truer and held more promise than any spiritual teaching I had ever encountered.


So it is an honor and a joy for me to serve Celtic Way and work with this team in uncovering, practicing and sharing Celtic spiritual wisdom in an urban setting. God calls me to honor all faith traditions and to support people who seek to live honestly and peacefully with each other, the earth and its creatures. I welcome this journey of discovery and service.

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