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Returning Home...

My heart is full of gratitude and my soul is renewed.


It is not lost on me the privilege I have as a white male growing up, receiving the education I did, and having these avenues before me that many do not. It is humbling. I am the better for being exposed to the U.K. and all its history, Celtic influence, the likenesses and differences between our country and theirs.


In terms of the spirituality of the trip I realized that being in Ireland was like breathing in the Celtic Spirit. The people are so hospitable, the symbols of the Celts are just about everywhere I looked, and the intertwining of nature is natural for many there.


The island of Iona, filled with its remnants and tales of Christians long ago was both beautiful and rugged. It was rainy, with a chill in the air and all of this was invitation to experience praying, walking, on the path where Celtic and Catholic people have been walking for centuries. Here was one of the spring boards which sent Christian missionaries all throughout Great Britain. It is quite an experience to stand on this island and drink from its life-giving past.


I am glad to be home. I feel rested and alive inside like I have not felt in years. Almost two years ago, Kathy Escobar came to me with the idea of this journey. I’m glad I listened to her! I needed this journey, with my family and friends.


My journey in this world has led me through many variations of Christian expression. Now in the winter of my life I find the Celtic Way of being Christian lives within my soul. Like I said, I am glad to be home…BUT…if you want to go to a Celtic Christian community in Northumbria and then over to Lindisfarne island sometime, let me know! I’m game!

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