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Kay McNamara

Director, Celtic Way

My first connection with caretaking and gifts of the earth were in WWII and our "Victory Garden".  I have fond memories of neighbors showing us how to care for our garden while my father was away at war.  My great aunt also was a strong advocate for the environment long before the term "Tree Hugger" became popular.


I grew up in the "Rust Belt" on the Great Lakes, learning later in life that the lake I swam in was severely polluted and the fruit I picked and ate as a teenager was sprayed with DDT.  Amazed I'm still here! I found my religious upbringing to be lacking in spirituality and too patriarchal, so I kept searching.


I married a great partner and friend. We raised our family, a daughter and twin sons whom I love and like. We've lived several places in the US and traveled abroad, exposed to different beliefs and cultures, still searching. As I'm studying Celtic Wisdom it's all coming together for me, and I'm gratefully connecting.

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