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Living the Celtic Way


Here is your invitation to join a small band of seekers who are captivated by the calling of Celtic Christianity.


We will place our ancient friends in a brief historical overview to provide us with a sense of perspective.

From here we will discover the gifts of praying with the seasons of nature each with its own distinctive voice

to enrich our spiritual journeys.


We will finish up with encountering the gracefulness of this spiritual stream

delve into contemporary topics such as


“What does it mean that we are created in God’s image?”

“How do I demonstrate hospitality to others, especially during this pandemic with so many in need?”

“What can we glean from some of the Celtic Saints of old when it comes to living in our contemporary setting?’



Each virtual session will Include:

   a short bibliography,  a prayer form, a time for dialog, an opening meditation exercise

and a closing benediction.


"I look forward to engaging the material with you."


Scott Jenkins

 Celtic Way, Creative Director

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