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Listen to the Discussion from January 25th  

God Talk XI: The Holy Spirit

St. Andrew United Methodist Church

9203 South University Blvd.

Highlands Ranch, CO 80126

January 25 | Thursday | 7:00 – 9:00 pm 


God Talk XI will initiate a conversation about the Holy Spirit, the most mysterious part of the Holy Trinity. Three distinguished panelists will discuss the Holy Spirit, the aspects of our spiritual formation and how those influence our interaction in the world.

The three panelists are:

• Dr. Albert Hernandez, Associate Professor of the History of Christianity at the Iliff School of Theology and author of Subversive Fire: The Untold Story of Pentecost

• Dr. Michele Watkins, the Gerald L. Schlessman Professorship in Methodist Studies and Assistant Professor of Theology at the Iliff School of Theology

• Fr. Scott Jenkins, Creative Director of Celtic Way

Coffee and cookies will be served in the Atrium during intermission.

Contact Rev. Annie Arnoldy.

dragonfly website.jpg

Dry Bones Denver - Sunday Service, August 26th

hosted by Fr. Scott Jenkins

1600 N. Downing St., Denver, CO 80218

God's Love Is Given Not Earned: God Is Our Family of Origin

Our theme for this day is the free gift of God's love for all people. Though we live in a culture where we work hard for everything we get we must be open to changing our hearts and realize deeply that this is a gift not something we earn. Hence the symbol of the dragonfly. A symbol of change.

All are welcome. Hope you will join us!

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