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By: Scott Jenkins

July 26.jpg

July 26th 2022

The Journey Begins

I must admit I’m a little weary my first day here in London. It was a long flight but a very good one. The time change has done me in. This is my walk to my favorite Chinese

restaurant across the street from Heathrow airport.I’m glad to have some familiarity in a place almost 5000 miles away from home.


July 29th, 2022

Christian Building

I got off “the tube” on a whim today. I wanted to walk through this little burrow which I saw out the window. I thought I might spend an hour or so…nope! 3 1/2 hours later I was finding my way back to my hotel.

Among my several conversations was one when I was looking “for this church” which has been accused of performing “illegal” baptisms in a local park. I went to the door of the “church “ and knocked. No answer. Boo

I continued to walk through the village until I encountered 4-8 young adults who were talking about there lives, Jesus, and how “He” would be with them because He loves us all.

They allowed me to take their pictures (if they’re over 18). Pat said he noticed me knocking on the door of that “Christian building” over there. Yes…that’s a church, right? No, he said, the church is us. We’re out here among the people. The building doesn’t move. We always know where the building is! We never know where the church is or what we are going to be doing!!!




August 2nd, 2022

From the UK

Good morning from the UK!

The picture on the left is the opening I entered into my walk of about 2 miles. The opening opened up to a meadow that goes all the way down to a river which is lined with thick forest. On the way back I stood at a fork in the road.

I decided to go a different way than I had started out. It was beautiful in its own way. Bushes and trees weaving their lives together with a nice clear path directly ahead. Then to my left was this amazing tree.

Allow me to share her story because that is what she is known for- sharing her story.

You see, towards the end of 2019 she fell over. The locals thought that she died or was dying. Then the pandemic came and few people walked with others. Mostly individuals passed her by in those days. When the villagers began walking In groups, many shared their sadness of the ancient tree’s demise. But then- in the spring all sorts of new sprouts began shooting up all over her. She may not be standing tall as she once did, but she is alive and providing space for people to come and sit in her presence.

The stumps there are for sitting. People come now and sit and listen. Eventually her inspiration finds a person or two and they begin to tell stories of their own. When they leave, some bow…others bless…still others offer a prayer.

Her resurrection fashioned her mission of love and encouragement.

Today she is know as, the Story Telling Tree! That’s what people do in her presence. They share the stories of their lives-just as she does with us.


August 6th, 2022

Annie Dimond

Taking time to head north to Aberdeen to spend time with a good friend, Annie. Also got to meet her doctoral supervisor, Brian Bock.

Jesus calls us friends. How blessed are we to have dear friends dotting the landscape around the globe.

Tomorrow I will head back to Northumbria to be part of the week long retreat time and welcome 10 to 12 pilgrims.

Appreciate your prayers. Thanks for listening.


July 27_2.jpg

July 27th, 2022

Hammonsworth Moor

Hamondsworth Moor is 3.3 miles from Heathrow airport in London. The Moor itself covers

three square miles.

Such a refuge within walking distance of one of the world’s busiest airports.

I sat on a bench there late this morning. A thin little, electric blue dragonfly hovered around

my feet.

My daughter loved blue and dragonflies. I love her showing up even all the way over here.

We are never alone…

God is within

Nature is all around

The love of my wife, family, and friends accompanies me…

Those beyond the veil…find us no matter where we go


July 30th, 2022

Leaves on the Bushes

Today is which means that I am packing so I can roll out early tomorrow to catch the subway and then the train to Northumbria. I will be on retreat Monday through Friday to practice discernment for what may be ahead, vocationally speaking. Such a nice room here at the hotel.

This picture of the leaves on the bushes serves as a wall for a room for several people. When it’s dark they have a way to get behind the green wall. There they sleep until they get up to go to work early right across the street. Literally. A few night a week a Turkish restaurant gives them their leftovers.

We will both be on the move tomorrow through such profoundly different worlds. I spent a few hours in their wold today. Just a few hours. The restaurant owner is quick to say that he doesn’t go to church anymore.

I thought to myself. No, I guess you don’t. You darn well act like the CHURCH.

I will return here for a few days before I go home. What kind of collaborative relationship might be forming.

I appreciate your prayers




August 3rd, 2022

Little Chapel

So much of our prayer together is outside in the beauty the is Northumbria. Recently this little chapel was built and when the winds are bad, it’s too cold, or whenever (if) it rains, we hike down the hill in silence to gather here.

“Lovely, isn’t it, Scott?”

Lovely and prayerful. Simple and telling.

Inside or outside. There are many places for prayer, here. Next year, Kris and I will come back to Northumbria. Care to join us in a conversation as to when and how that might all work out?

We will be waiting to hear from you.


August 7th, 2022

Eyes Open

Sandra was nice enough to pick me up from the train station and bring me back to the Northumbria Community where she works and lives. On our way up the final road leading to the mother house we encounter these three people one is the woman who lives nearby who takes care of foster kids the other two are, you guessed it, her foster boys. One is Spider-Man and the gray outfit, The other is soon to be a freshman in college who is here from the Sudan. Of course Sandra, spoke Sudanese as she lived in Sudan for over two years. Well of course. Now this young lad will come over to the mother house on Saturday and barbecue some lamb and some other traditional dishes from his homeland. Synchronicity is a wonderful thing!

I say this! Keep your eyes open you just never know what’s gonna come across your path oh by the way don’t miss the little dog coming up to trail following us - I miss my dogs so this was a godsend. Have a great day everyone.

July 27_4.jpg

July 29th, 2022

2nd Day at the Moor

Yesterday I was steeped in the natural beauty of Harmondsworth Moor and her natural beauty.

Here is a different beauty flowing from a cosmology and image of God from days gone by…

This beauty is both understood and misunderstood today. I can be very judgmental of all of this.

If our species lasts long enough, someone will probably laugh at my worldview and myideas about God.

We do see through a glass darkly…all of us.

Still, I’ll take the Moor.
I’m going back on Saturday.



August 1st, 2022

Journey to Northumbria

What an adventure on the last leg of the journey to Northumbria! I arrived at the Alnmouth station only to find the taxis were scheduled out for the day due to the womens football championship!

So I walked with suitcase and backpack for just over a mile into the quaint little village of Alnmouth. A Man on his bike stopped and asked why I was walking with all of this And I told him my story. He told me to go to the Serviceman’s Center and someone would help me out. “I’m sure of it.”

So I did. It was like a pub and everyone seemed to know one another. When I walked in I was warmly greeted. Then they asked what they could do for me. So I told them my story. By this time the match was about 20 minutes out. 3 men huddled and began making numerous calls but no luck.

There was one guy that kept telling me, “No worries, you’ll get there eventually.” I thought ok. He’s right. Well as things turned out he was the one who knew a guy, who knew a guy, who gave me a ride all the way to the door.

Once we arrived, Paul, the driver wouldn’t leave because he was convinced that there was no one here! He was correct. All the doors were locked except one. So I got in.

Where was everyone? At a local pub watching the game of course. When they all returned they were shocked I was there and got in!

Somebody was a day early! Hhmmmm.

God watches over fools and saints. I’m more the first one than the second for sure. Yet, the saying in Hebrews is true…”some have entertained angels unaware.”

Thank you to those who have served England and who continue to serve in various ways today


August 4th, 2022

Saint Aiden

Lindisfarne or Holy Island as many call it was my place to walk around and finally read and pray with today. Organized Christianity is very old here. Saint Aiden was sent here to begin a mission to the Anglo Saxons to rekindle the Christian movement.

What I like about Aiden and Holy Island is that Aiden was kind and gentle with the gospel. When he asked a person on the road why they were not a Christian, he actually sat and listened to them.

He was given a beautiful and well dressed horse by a king, but Aiden soon came across a beggar and immediately gave him the horse. He wanted to walk among the people and not ride “above” them. He wanted to have real conversations with real people about life.

When you set foot on the Isle, one can feel the gentleness of Aiden’s life with God. One can see people having real conversations with one another. People who have never met before and probably won’t again.

If you make it to the UK I highly recommend coming to Holy Island. The Spirit is thick and inviting here.

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