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Linda & John Maikowski

Communications Contributor

 Celtic Way Blogger

We love building relationships and designing environments that support the flourishing of creative community!


Through our nonprofit, Transforming Creatives, we work toward the professional development and personal transformation of Colorado's creative culture shapers. It's a holistic work involving the mind, body, soul, and spirit.


We both resonate deeply with Celtic Christian distinctives that embrace a deep respect for and care of nature, reveal truth expressed through art, and embody the way of Jesus through hospitality to the "least of these," as he is quoted saying.

Raised in fundamentalist homes, we engaged a long journey of deconstruction years ago and are embracing a reimagined faith guided toward wisdom by Holy Scripture into loving experiences with God.


On this adventure, we continue to discover the depth of goodness poured into humanity as well as our own propensity to deny it and act out of what's false in us instead of what's true. So daily we do our best to grasp with gratitude the grace that enfolds us and the Divine breath that transforms us.


We love living in the great state of Colorado, are lifelong campers and hikers, and find rest for our souls at altitude. 

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