Gary Davidson

 Musical  Contributor 

Celtic Way Musician & Songwriter

My first exposure to Celtic Christianity came as a musician for the Breaking Bread the Celtic Way service in Aurora Colorado. Father Scott’s reflections regularly offer a very personal and intimate way of relating to ourselves and others, which I like. As I become more involved in Celtic Christianity, I see a way of thinking that is not only connected to nature but connected to the whole of life.


We are all part of a great creation, deeply loved and cherished by a great Creator. Celtic Christianity from its earliest traditions has expressed ways of being spiritual as an active practice, not just a belief. A more mature form of Christianity, if you will.   [READ MORE ABOUT GARY HERE]


Phillip Heifferon

 Musical  Contributor                 Celtic Way Musician & Songwriter

As long as I can remember I’ve sought and found God in creation. Music has been a way for me to express those findings both external and internal, and often the weaving of both. Though other faith practices acknowledged those experiences to a point, they were never to be taken too seriously.


It wasn’t until I graduated college that I was given Celtic Daily Prayer by The Northumbria Community that I discovered a particular group of people who have been doing the same for centuries. The formative years to follow have led my wife and I on a pilgrimage of faith that feels equally pioneering and historically proven. [READ MORE FROM PHIL HERE]

Linda & John Maikowski

Spiritual Contributors

We love building relationships and designing environments that support the flourishing of creative community! Through our nonprofit, Transforming Creatives, we work toward the professional development and personal transformation of Colorado's creative culture shapers. It's a holistic work involving the mind, body, soul, and spirit.


We both resonate deeply with Celtic Christian distinctives that embrace a deep respect for and care of nature, reveal truth expressed through art, and embody the way of Jesus through hospitality to the "least of these," as he is quoted saying.


Lisa Nemmers

Administrative Contributor

Personal Assistant to Fr. Scott

I am a native of Colorado and grew up in Monument. I have been married for over 30 years and have two children whom are married, and I have three tiny granddaughters. While in high school, my parents encouraged me to attend Pikes Peak Community College where I was a part of a three-year program in graphic arts. My education in this field has lead me to many wonderful opportunities through the connections of life.

By a yearning to get back into my spirituality I met Fr. Scott Jenkins whom has become a life time friend and business partner. As Fr. Scott continues to engage Celtic Way through prayer, charity and teaching I have chosen to accompany him on this journey.

Kathleen Rector 
Spiritual Contributor

Celtic Way Contemplative Practice

I can still remember the awe I felt as a child in Albuquerque, NM looking up at the night sky and feeling as though I was being drawn right into the heart of the Milky Way. There’s a shimmering sparkle to the light there, especially at dusk. My dad said it was the dust, but to me it was magical.

This love affair with nature has continued all my life in car camping through the National Parks and Canada, hiking and backpacking, and sailing the coast of southern California. I’ve always felt whole and loved in the beauty of God’s creation. However, it took a while to connect these feelings with the God of church and the Bible.   


Shani Jones 
Spiritual Contributor

Celtic Way Presenter

 Raised in rural Nebraska I thought God resided in the Sanctuary of Methodist church. While I have warm fuzzy memories of the structured denominational church and have certainly experienced the best of what that can be, my most transformational experiences have come from Christian community outside the ‘church’ as we know it. 


I'm involved with the Celtic Way because of it's value on equality and care of all God's creation. I  hear what I have known in my heart all along--that the light of God is within me and that I am inherently good--inherently God. That we are loved just as we are and called to be the likeness of God. This is the journey I am on thanks to the Celtic Way. 


Eileen Terry

Spiritual  Contributor

Celtic Way Writer & Presenter

I grew up on a small farm and have lived in and been nourished by Christian communities all my life. And though I am steeped in Scripture my most enlightening and challenging experiences have come again and again from the natural world and from relationships with people and animals. During my career in cardiac nursing and from my ongoing involvement with gardening, birding and hiking God has, for years, been nudging me earthward and inward, back to my roots in the created world...   [READ MORE FROM EILEEN HERE]


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