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Celtic Way is a spiritual movement of genuine hospitality where all people  are welcome and invited to walk with us on the journey. 









We believe that all people are created in the image of God by promoting a healthy self-image.

No matter the past the divine light shines within.














We engage & support all efforts to create a world where everyone is respected as an equal. 


Celtic Way practices an evolving nature based faith.
Meeting 21st century needs connecting spirituality to humanitarian and ecological issues facing today’s world. 



Fr. Scott has a gentle way of encouraging participants to open our eyes and hearts to a deeper spirituality connected to the natural order. He words encourage me to have continued awareness of feeling and sharing the experience of God in myself, the community and the world


My walk with Christ is enriched by joining Fr Scott. Modern eyes are refocused by ancient ones who lived closer to the earth than I can know in my urban experience.


This way of practicing my faith has been a tremendous source of healing and hope after a devastating betrayal and transition in my life. I am so impressed that incorporating the ancient values and rhythms of Celtic Christians has been so relevant to the challenges and questions we face in our complex rapidly changing modern life

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