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Matt Kendziera

 Celtic Way Pod Cast

Producer & Co Host

I cannot recall a time in my life when I was not fascinated with God. The roots of this interest came from walking around the woods I grew up around as a child in rural Wisconsin. Although faith was always meaningful to me, it wasn’t until I met like minded people in college in that I decided to dedicate my life and career to God and spirituality.

As with all of us, we use whatever God provides which for me is a strong, deep, resonating speaking voice. I have used that voice to speak in front of a variety of people regarding faith including teens, homeless, incarcerated, church going and spiritual refugees. A natural overflow of this today is podcasting which I dove into head first with my own show, Jesus Never Ran and now producing and co-hosting shows for a variety of businesses and individuals throughout the country.

I met Scott through a mutual friend who recommended that I interview him for an episode of my podcast. It was immediately obvious that we were kindred souls and which naturally morphed into a conversation of how we could work together to promote the important and meaningful work of Celtic Way! It is an honor to co-produce and co-host the Celtic Way podcast!

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