• Urban and Suburban retreats will be given for the purposes of creating more environmentally friendly surroundings and lifestyles; focusing on the integration of spirituality with growing ecological concerns; the adoption of a small eco-project in a neighborhood such as a community garden, a recycling program; teaching the Celtic Way of hospitality to create social events in the neighborhood to move toward a sense of community in neighborhoods where people do not know each other very well. 

  • Focused Retreats will be given for the purpose of providing renewal, rest, and recreation for people of all walks of life (teachers, firefighters, police officers, social workers, neighborhood youth, homeless persons, et cetera).

  • Mountain retreats will be given for the purposes of providing an extended time to experience encountering God in nature, in the sacred scriptures of many traditions, in ourselves and in one another.

  • Theologically In-Depth Retreats will be given for religious leaders, both clergy and lay, who desire to teach a nature centered path (and when appropriate a Christian approach) to their constituents.