• Whereas seminars are focused primarily on the presenter, workshops are more inter-active between the facilitator and those in attendance. 

  • Workshops would include activities about the importance of and methods to recycle. A food co-op might develop through community gardening or creating a “children’s hand me down clothing day” twice a year on someone’s lawn.

  • Workshops could also present blessings for transitional times of life for families, individuals, and entire neighborhoods.  These times would include but are not limited to the birth or adoption of a new member of the family, earning the privilege of a driver’s license, graduation, moving into the neighborhood or moving away. 

  • Blessings would mark the beginnings of a new natural season, thanks for a good night’s sleep, an enjoyable and renewing vacation…just about any facet of life which would increase our awareness of the Divine in all that lives. 

  • Celtic Way representatives travel to the same places listed for presenting seminars. We do not see ourselves as developing a denomination but rather revitalizing peoples’ spirituality where they live with an emphasis on God’s presence within nature.