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The medieval Christians living in the Celtic lands of Great Britain loved to read everything they could get their hands on.

The men and women of the monasteries enjoyed philosophy, sermons, stories, and most of all the writings of sacred scripture.

I too have enjoyed my own love affair with the Bible for most of my adult life.

There are many who have checked out of the scriptures because, “It is used against certain groups”


“ How is this pre-scientific book of any value?”

We have all heard or spoken things like this. I have too! Perhaps this is an opportunity to engage the scriptures in ways we have not before. This is also a safe place to ask questions, share different points of view, and to sit with both new insights and some lingering unknowing.

Scott Jenkin, Celtic Way Creative Director will teach the class 

Zoom Classes will resume February - May

Offered on a Month to Month Basis

(Summer Break June - Sept)

Wednesday Mornings

 Class: 9:30-11:00 Rocky Mountain Time

Social Time:11:00-11:30.

Warning: There is homework, but I hear the teacher is an easy grader!

The cost is $100 per month – if you can afford it.
There are scholarships available too.

Click To Register - Gospel of Luke 

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