The Heartlight Center 

11150 E. Dartmouth Ave., Denver, CO 80014

The 2nd Saturday Monthly @ 5 p.m.

Welcome Winter…Welcome the Dark


The primal streams of Celtic Christianity present one overwhelming characteristic which begins each quarter season: our sense of welcome and hospitality. Without this essential welcome, the soul cannot be at ease. The marking of time by prayer is common to all spiritualities and so we too mark our seasons with the quarters of the Celtic Wheel.


Our Year begins on the night of October 31, All Hallows Eve. The entire year is like following the progression of the soul (life) itself: we start at the time of cold and darkness, proceeds until (hopefully) we reach maturity. When we make our soul, we pass into the winter which our world refers to as death, but this time with the fruits of our life wrapped around us.


The Gospel reading which corresponds to this celebration is JOHN 12:20-26. You may wish to meditate upon it before joining us for a rich contemplative experience.


Please bring your friends, warm food or appetizers to share. Your favorite bottle of wine is always welcome.