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Scott L. Jenkins

Creative Director, Celtic Way

Chaplain, Mile High Ministries

Pastor Emeritus, Church of the Holy Family

One would think that after four years as a Biblical Literature student in college, four years of graduate school and over twenty five years of pastoral ministry that my episodes of theological upheaval would be in the rear-view mirror. Thank God that was not the case for me!


On a cold, snowy night at the tail end of a long day, my wife, Kris and I attended a presentation by a Celtic scholar by the name of John Philip Newell.

I was tired and a little resistant about attending but Kris insisted since we had been given the tickets.  When we arrived, the room was full and we ended up sitting close to the front. When John Phillip began speaking I was energized and completely focused on his every word.  I couldn’t believe my ears! Here was an ancient yet fresh presentation of the Christian faith that just so gripped me that I felt overjoyed, disoriented, and enlivened all at the same time. I could not write fast enough to keep up with the presentation or all the questions that were arising almost instantly.


What to do? My comfy belief system was turned upside down. At the time I was in my mid-fifties and privately laughed that this was happening to me now!  The internal struggle which ensued was intense for a little over a year.

I read as many books pertaining to Celtic Christianity as I could afford to buy.


What I discovered was an ancient form the Christian faith that embraced the goodness of humanity, a revelatory place for nature within Christian thought and prayer, a healthy way to relate to other spiritual traditions, and the gift of all of life being inter-related in God.


Today, I am staring my 64th birthday in the face. Joyfully, I might add. I am excited and energized to engage in this Celtic Way with you through acts of charity, prayer, and presentation. Scott's Professional Journey 

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