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Winter  Seminar Series

Offered via Zoom 

$25.00 Per Seminar

Facilitated By Frank Mills, Celtic Professor


The Fluidity of Time


The Celtic concept of time is both fixed and fluid. For the ancient Celts there was the apparent cycle seasonal time. Seasonal time however, was nothing more than a construct. Beyond the construct was the sense that time was fluid, that the past and future were active in the present. While not recognizing it, the early Celtis has a sense of quantum physics before quantum physics was a thing.

This one and a half-hour class explores the Celtic sense of time.

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Welsh Celtic Spirituality: Hiraeth – Taithchwant – Gorfoleddu


Discontent, homesickness, ecstatic mysticism drives Welsh spirituality. It is about wilderness pilgrimage, death and resurrection, again and again. It is about finding our places of resurrection—as much spiritual as physical. Hiraeth, taithchwant, gorfoleddu influenced Welsh Methodism. Gorfoleddu, the sign of true revival for Welsh Methodist, is more than mere ecstatic mysticism, it is mysticism that produces the physical healing of creation.

This one and a half-hour class explores Welsh Celtic spirituality and its influence on the Welsh psyche.

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