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Celtic Way offers the ancient tradition of Celtic Spirituality outside of a religious denomination in Denver, Colorado. Our particular desire is to bring forth this tradition to serve to those in need of rest, renewal and rejuvenation such as civil servants, at-risk youth and the poor and marginalized.


Our objective is to offer Celtic retreats, seminars, workshops, blessings, celebrations and writings that will enrich the lives of those we serve. The audience we pursue in the private sector, citizens with means and organizations with enrichment budgets, will fund efforts to provide our services to those who work in civil service and social justice as well as at-risk youth and the poor and marginalized of our cities. 


We dream of opening both urban and mountain retreat centers to call home for our work. Until that time we will go out to meet people where they are, in their communities of faith, homes, organizations and neighborhoods, to bring the message and services of Celtic Way. 

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