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Lynda Francoeur

President of the Board, Celtic Way

This narrative has been long in the making.  Not long because I had so much to say, but long because I was not sure about what to say. By nature, I am not a particularly introspective individual.  I am more concerned with getting an undertaking completed than I am with discerning or expressing my reasons for taking it on.

My Celtic Way “why” is not a well- articulated expression about spirituality in general, my personal ideas of Celtic spirituality or my spiritual journey in this life. My reasons are practical, direct, and sincere much like myself.


I find meaning and purpose in improving the world around me. Friends I care about have a calling to share Celtic spirituality with others. I possess gifts and talents that can contribute towards realizing the vision of Celtic Way and, most importantly, joining my friends to work together towards a greater good feels natural and meant to be.


I look forward to taking this journey, rolling up my sleeves and seeing what the future holds for Celtic Way.

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