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Teri Thompson

Founding Director, Celtic Way

Joining this fantastic group of people to launch the message and mission of Celtic Way is an honor and privilege! Although I have spent the better part of my adult life building good things with others: a loving family, national organizations, faith communities, and the first charter school in my city, this undertaking feels inexplicably different.


Endeavoring to build Celtic Way and making this commitment feels like the truest mission yet, to be offered as a gift for the future of our children and ultimately all whose lives can be enriched by its offering.


I was raised by an old-country Italian immigrant farming family and feel that in the very essence of Celtic Spirituality I have returned to my true center. Honoring the gift and beauty of Mother Earth, all her creatures, and the bounty she provides has been a way of life for me since my earliest childhood memories.


As an adult I wouldn’t accept the teaching that a child could be born in anything other than grace and felt compelled to leave my religious roots for such beliefs. Having given birth to two children I have seen, firsthand, the face of God in their expressions of untarnished innocence and the beauty of creation in the twinkle of their newborn eyes.


The tenets of Celtic Spirituality resound within my essence and I believe are universal to addressing the needs of our world today. At a time in our history when so many are leaving formal religion I feel we have lost sight of what “church” was originally intended to do. That is to create community that values unity and diversity, to demonstrate love and compassion to those in need, to nurture the spiritual life, while being sensitive to the environment in all we do. The ancient practices of Celtic Spirituality speak directly into the needs so many seek and cannot find in today’s society.


Bringing the Celtic Way to light in the 21st century is what we long to do and driving that forge is a divine inspiration. It’s an exciting time for those of us on the founding board of Celtic Way. Launching this venture is not our gift to the world but has been gifted upon us to experience. I feel humbly blessed and truly honored to walk with this team and share the adventure. Joining this fantastic group of people to launch the message and mission of Celtic Way is an honor and privilege! 

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