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My name is Jill Henton and I'm happy to have discovered Fr Scott Jenkins & Celtic Way!

A few years ago I asked my friend, Rev Shani Jones, proprietor of Capitol Tea in Denver, if she could steer me to a connection to things Celtic for my own journey but especially for me to introduce & connect Celtic Christianity & spirituality to my congregation. She immediately directed me to Celtic Way.

To my delight Fr. Scott was so easy to work with & enthusiastic to be a presenter at my church, things just fell into place. His class was SO popular at St Andrew United Methodist that we're having him back this March for another round of classes!


I've enjoyed getting to know Fr Scott, his wife Kris, his Anam Cara & others from Celtic Way, all people you'd like to meet.  I enjoy attending their (2nd Saturday a month) Breaking Bread gathering at Heartlight , and now I can't get enough!  I'm pleased for this connection in my life.  The Celtic sensibility in spirituality in everyday living has made my life a better place to be.  My world is more alive than ever.  I can't thank the people of Celtic Way enough!                                                                                                 
                                                                                                                     Jill Henton

                                                                                                                     St. Andrew United Methodist Church 

                                                                                                                     Highlands Ranch, CO


"Peace Tree Spirituality Center invited Fr. Scott Jenkins to offer a day-long introduction to Celtic Spirituality – an impossible task given the breadth of information.  What he brought was even better.  Fr. Scott uncovered the life, energy, play, and bond of relationship that flows through Celtic Spirituality.  It lit the eyes of those who came.  And that light and warmth was felt in the public Communion service following the retreat day.  Celtic Way offers more than information, it models community and practice through their teaching and witness.  Celtic Way is an invaluable resource to those of us that find this way a path home."

Rev. Jessica Gazzola, Co-director Peace Tree Spirituality Center

Florissant, MO


 "I am very thankful that a friend recommended a class on Celtic Christianity taught by Fr. Jenkins. He is a knowledgeable and wonderful teacher. He demonstrates love, gentleness and humor in his teaching. I learned a great deal about the history and beliefs of the Celtic people. Most importantly, Fr. Jenkins brought the powerful message of love and simplicity of Jesus as a reflection of nature. The class has enriched my belief and understanding of the Christian way.

   With great appreciation,

~Kate Miller

"Traditional Sunday church worship had become hollow ritual to me. I started attending the Celtic Mass and then Fr. Scott offered Celtic Conversations. The value of the experience was the sharing of my feelings with others seeking a new way to be with God. Fr. Scott has a gentle way of challenging participants to open our eyes and hearts to a deeper spirituality connected to the natural order. His words encourage me to have continued awareness of feeling and sharing the experience of God in myself, the community and the world."

 ~ Maureen, Episcopalian  

"My walk with Christ is enriched by joining Fr. Scott in preparing and participating in retreats informed by the Celtic tradition. My modern eyes are refocused by ancient ones who lived closer to the earth than I can know in my urban experience. I am freshly drawn into Biblical metaphors of Vine and Branch, Tree and Stream, Pruning and Cultivation, Sun and Rain. My appreciation grows for the goodness of the season-like ebbs and flows of life. I am invited into congruence with the Author of Life."

~ Chuck, Quaker

"Over the last year and a half I have attended Fr Scott’s monthly “Celtic Conversations" introducing me to Celtic Spirituality.  I have loved learning for example, how the Celts embraced the seasons of nature to guide their lives practically and metaphorically.  This way of practicing my faith has been a tremendous source of healing and hope after a devastating betrayal and transition in my life.  I am so impressed that incorporating the ancient values and rhythms of Celtic Christians has been so relevant to the challenges and questions  I face/ we face in our complex, rapidly changing modern life.  This has not been just one more lecture series to accumulate in my notes, but an introduction to a practicing community of engagement and support on so many levels.  I strongly recommend Celtic Way!"

~ Mary, DCC

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