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Part I of Many: Celtic Christianity as Paradoxical Spirituality

Is it just me or did the weather suddenly shift as equinox dawned?

Just as if the conductor tapped her wand then the breeze felt like autumn; the temperature evenly matched the air’s quality. Summer had been smitten. It is time to find my favorite sweater and dream of a cool night’s sleep.

I appreciate the idea of time. I like to measure things like the height of my grandson or how far I have read in a book. It brings me a sense of accomplishment and sometimes even growth. I have also come to see time as cyclical. That was quite a shift within. It took a new way of seeing, some learning from a few friends, and, well some time.

There is a gift in the repetitive movement of life. Each season carries its own song and feel. I believe that I am actually growing in my depth of appreciation for each quarter of the year. I need the repetition as if I were experiencing a close friend again and again. It takes all of me to listen, sense, see, and feel myself into this relationship. And like many relationships I often receive in proportion to what I offer.

The seasons are not to be “endured” but first introduced and then slowly walked with and engaged. Before too long we will breathe in autumn and know from a heart place that not only has she arrived but her beauty and her message are one in the same. I welcome you dear Autumn! I thank you for your invitations, gifts, and challenges! Bless you, my friend.

Scott Jenkins is a Founding Director of Celtic Way

​Read more about him here

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