We're Melting

There has been a huge mound of dirty, icy snow on our deck for months. Often, my daughter will go outside and tell me she has some “work” to do. Her “work” consists of crunching through that mound of snow with her boots and a little green shovel. [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif] Last week, she noticed a bird building a nest in the tree that hangs over our driveway. “Mom, look a bird! That means it’s going to be summer soon!” She shouted. Yesterday morning, when we walked out onto our deck, she started to scream. I turned around quickly, assuming she fell down or something. I caught a huge smile on her face, as she pointed at the snow pile. “It’s almost melted, mommy! It’s all gone! That

Why Do We Keep Going Back?

A friend shared a church meme with me the other night, something about Jesus saying “I gave them the Beatitudes, why do they keep studying Leviticus?” And I laughed and thought about church history and our penchant for rules and checklists and certainty. The need to be right. Which took me to reflecting on how pervasive that behavior is in our culture and perhaps most of the world. After all, historically getting it right meant survival, while guessing or being satisfied with the moment was likely to lead to an early death. But not so quick there. That evolutionary formula leaves out half the story of the human condition--the need for balance and restoration, and for finding the bigger answ

Take Courage

A friend who visited England years ago told me that she was impressed with billboards that read: TAKE COURAGE. She assumed it might have related to The War and was disappointed when she learned that COURAGE is a beer. I have been reflecting lately on those words: TAKE COURAGE and what they entail. Several coincidences have happened with such regularity, lately, that I have an uncomfortable feeling someone is trying to tell me something. I used to believe in coincidences until I heard of God Incidences and it seemed to me that God might actually meddle in my life, until another word, Synchronicity, popped up. This fits better with my theology that everything in Creation is linked together by

Cancelled: Celtic Conversation @ Capital Tea

We are sad to cancel tonight's conversation at Capital Tea due to poor road conditions. Please be advised that Celtic Way will follow Denver Public School's closure schedule for all future events. We look forward to seeing you next week, God willing!

There Is No "Us" or "Them"

“For now we see in a mirror (reflection) dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall understand fully, even as I have been fully understood.” 1 Corinthians 13:12 RSV I am fortunate to have a wide variety of friends, colleagues, acquaintances who span the entire map of both the political and religious landscape. It makes for both interesting times of listening and dialog. Recently I have been troubled by the often times heated conversation about what is taking place within the United Methodist Church family. It is painful to watch. Sexual orientation, sexual anything will get good church people ready to argue faster than anything. As I sit upstairs in my office the conversa

You are Invited!

You are invited to celebrate St. Patrick and the spring season with us on Saturday March 9th at 5:00 p.m. Following the service we will share a feast of Irish stew, soda bread and Guinness. We are providing stew (regular and vegetarian) and soda bread and a limited amount of Guinness. Please join us with appetizers, other beverages of choice or desserts. We’d love to share a meal and some good conversation!!

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