Instant Destinations: A Millennial's Journey

My generation (those darn Millennials) sure gets a lot of flack these days. We are allegedly lazy, far too easily offended, demanding trophies for wearing a uniform, and that list goes on and on. I mostly just roll my eyes at these generalizations, but a recent conversation with Father Scott illuminated one of them that might fit me just a little too well. My last piece written for Celtic Way was a vulnerable one talking about the way the title “Christian” has become something of a numbing agent for me. As Father Scott and I talked through that blog I found myself expressing how uncertain and uneasy things feel right now in terms of spiritual identity. That’s when he said it. “Ben, I usually

One True Thing

This week I started reading Kristin Hannah’s book The Great Alone and was caught by a phrase at the end of the second chapter, “Mama was Leni’s one true thing.” That set me to wondering whether everyone has “one true thing” and if so, what is mine? Through my life I’ve had lots of enthusiasms and lots of ways to identify myself. Girl, sister, daughter, Christian, student, musician, gardener, nurse, wife, mother, seeker, widow, lover, hiker, bookworm, poet, organizer, friend, mourner, optimist. And then what about other people? How do they identify themselves and what difference does it make? How do we know our truest essence. By what we believe? What we say? What we do? And what becomes of o


What do you do when your soul craves silence? There’s a small twitch in the pit of my stomach that is (almost) always telling me that life is too loud or too busy or just too much. There’s a serious push in our culture for hustle- books, podcasts, blogs, social media posts- all giving us the one strategy we need to become our best self. Best, in this case, means our most productive and most efficient self. All this hustle pushes us farther away from our own self, the intuition, the still small voices within us. How on earth will we hear the voice of God, if we’re always listening to other voices? Are we really becoming our true self if the goal is always efficiency? Summer has been guiding m

In Spirit & In Truth

When I was in college I was in a “Praise & Worship” band named “Truth”. There were 3 bands that rotated chapel services, all named after Jesus’ statement to the “Woman at the Well” that a day will come when people will worship God “in Spirit and in Truth”. The band names were “Worship”, “Spirit”, and “Truth”. Even then I found the names of the bands a bit strange. Especially because this was one of the many sayings attributed to Jesus that made absolutely no sense to me. What did it mean to worship (or live life for that matter) in Spirit and in Truth? I wouldn’t claim to have an “accurate” grasp of what that text means today, but I can say that it has become meaningful to me personall


My son the engineer loves to cook. He is a great cook. He cooks like an engineer. He is the only one I know who levels the measuring spoon or measuring cup to the exact measurement. Cook's Illustrated Magazine is his cooking bible. He called me one day to ask how I cook a brisket for a large group. I began: “Put the meat in a large oven proof pan” ……..“Mom, Cook’s says…….”. “Ok son: Here’s how I do it.” “Put the meat in a large oven proof pan and slather it with BBQ sauce. Any kind.” “But Mom, Cook’s says you have to marinate it”. “Son, I do it this way all the time when I am taking brisket to church and people always ask me for the recipe. Cover the meat with aluminum foil and put the m

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