“The problem with modern living is that we are too busy to notice that we are being blessed.” Life of the Beloved By: Henri L. M. Nouwen When I am confronted with a new book, I page flip, reading selections here and there. If something resonates, I will often read the book. In Life of the Beloved, Nouwen speaks about the way in which we respond when people say good things about us, brushing them off with “oh it’s nothing, don’t mention it”. In the past, I have done that. I didn’t feel comfortable and I never knew what to say. That happened not long ago when I did something that comes very easily for me. I chaired the food committee meeting, wrote up a summary of the meeting and distributed i

What Makes Your Heart Sing?

For my last birthday a friend gave me a book of cues for reflection and thought. Each day has a brief question or instruction with space to respond in writing. Today’s question was, if you could do whatever you wanted for one hour one day one week one month one year what would you do? It looked daunting at first but turned out to be a happy and enlightening exercise which I completed rather quickly. Perhaps we contemplate more than we realize, know ourselves better than we admit. Perhaps we know our heart’s truth better than we let on by our actions. Try this out for a minute. Think of a day in your own past when you were very happy. What about that day made you happy? Your activity,

Who Is Jesus?

This is the question I have asked myself over and over and indeed a search that never seems to be resolved. Pre-Easter Jesus, as revealed in the first three gospels, is an amazing person who intrigues me, evokes such admiration, respect, and indeed devotion that I want with all my heart to follow him and his teachings. I sometimes think of him as My Jesus. My Brother. My Friend. My Teacher. Post-Easter Jesus is the creative product of four hundred years of mans’ spiritual experiences and logic culminating in the Nicene Creed that frankly leaves me confused and struggling with how the two Jesuses relate. Okay, I am an admitted heretic. Recently I attended Sunday Worship in the US Naval A

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