Israel. Let’s Wrestle.

In one of the many biblical stories that leaves me less than certain about its meaning, Jacob spends a night wrestling with...something. Traditionally it is believed that the mystery character is either an angel or God. Either way, following the night of wrestling, Jacob’s name is no longer Jacob--it is Israel. This change is significant because an entire people group, and two religions, draw their roots from deep within the name “Israel” and all that it represents. This feels particularly significant to me today. The words “wrestle” and “struggle” are more than appropriate ways of describing the way I currently interact with the questions “What exactly do I believe?”, and “What does that ha

Summer is Coming

Summer will be here soon; in many ways, it’s already knocking on our door here in the Midwest. We’ve finally packed away our coats and sandals have replaced the snow boots piled by the back door. I must admit, I haven’t been handling this adjustment back to life in the Midwest particularly well. Things to complain about come much quicker to my lips than things for which I am grateful. I compare our life now to our life in Colorado, and the Midwest just doesn’t hold a candle. In time, it will. I will fall in love with new things about our city and routine will come. The stubborn part of my personality is clinging to all the things I miss about Colorado. In an effort to practice gratitude and


The first time I met John Philip Newell he said to me: “Just be in relationship.” I haven’t forgotten it. I have often wondered about what he meant. Recently I was fortunate to hear John Phillip speak again at a Celtic Way event in Denver. And again, I heard him emphasize relationship: relationship with creation and with one another. I am an outdoors person. Eat out or in? Out! Walk in the park or treadmill? Park! Watching spring bulbs open in succession: first the hyacinths, then daffodils, and this week tulips taking their turn makes me happy. Oh yes, I do find it easy to relate to God in natures’ brand of creation. Finding God in human relationship? Not so easy. A friend who is new to Ce

Just Kidding...

Our friend, Jennifer invited us out to her home which lies just south of Elizabeth, Colorado. What a beautiful and peaceful place. Here is a two-story house built well over 100 years ago with such a fresh sense of hominess. There was such a genuine feeling of appreciated history as we were given a narrated tour complete with pictures and documents of days gone by. I got the impression that she lives as being part of this unfolding story. Outside the house there are 10 acres of land that breathe peace to all who will receive it. Being in the midst of scattered trees, flowers, grass, gusty winds, and spacious skies was an unnoticed breathing in the Presence with each and every step. The one w

Rain, Rest, Renewal.

Where I live we are nearing the end of a disturbingly dry spring season. And though here in the high desert we are accustomed to dryness, lately I've been sensing a kind of visceral agitas, a restlessness, a narrow-focused frenzy in the pace and activities of my neighbors and friends, and of myself. And then the rain came. An entire day of rain mixed with heavy wet snowflakes. Pure gift! Pure on many levels. The dirty city air is sparkling and sidewalks shine like they've been scrubbed. The pollen count is down and we can breathe better. The sky is even bluer this morning. But during the Rain, before we got to Renewal, there was Rest. The whole city was quieter yesterday without the noises o

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