Listening. Have you ever had the experience of telling a friend something that mattered a lot to you and having them respond with a similar story of their own or even talk right over you? Did you feel frustrated or invisible? I’ve had that happen a couple times recently and it got me to thinking. Thinking about listening, and about the ripples that flow out from being truly heard and seen. Yesterday a friend and I were recalling the first time we met and the conversation we had that day. She remembers that I acknowledged the difficult work she was doing in caring for her ailing husband. She said nobody in the past two years had ever noticed how she was struggling, they only saw her sick hu


My friend Teri called just now to discuss a few things going on within the life of Celtic Way. It moved me to get in touch with all the many experiences, some very big and others of the routine and everydayness of life kind that are unfolding recently. Conversations mixed with gratitude have a way of opening me up to the reality that stuff does not really move or even come to us without the mysterious and synchronistic hand of God at work. I also believe our awareness does not grow that much without a grateful heart and a good spiritual friend to keep us honest. We discussed upcoming vacations, the health of everyone in our families and how quickly time seems to be moving. I wondered silentl

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