Living School Part 1: Seeds From Long Ago

Lammas is the Celtic Christian name given to the months of August, September, and October. It represents among other things the harvesting of seeds planted in the spring or summer. Metaphorically, I am reflecting on this time of year with a magnifying glass placed upon my own life. It is a healthy practice to do regularly but especially significant to do when I or we are taking the long walk through transition. I have left pastoral ministry after 30 some years and have opened wide the door to Celtic Way with some of the most fun-loving and talented people. Gratitude fills my soul when I picture their faces J. I believe the entrance into harvesting is to give thanks for soul friends, partners

Keep Showing Up

There is a difference between self-comfort and self-care. This distinction has been buzzing around my brain for a few weeks now, after I read it in an article about creating good writing habits. It might seem slight, but if you love words like I do, the distinction is striking. What do you do to comfort yourself? Drink a glass of wine? A Netflix binge? Play a few (hundred) rounds of Candy Crush on your iPhone? …Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything. And to comfort others? We bring over sugary treats or tell them what we think they need to hear or anything else we can think of to take away the pain. Because that is what comfort is all about…soothing pain, releasing tension, making

Celtic Seasons of Life

“I will lift up my eyes to the hills from where my help comes.” Psalm 121 After my husband suffered a stroke we decided to sell our home. Our world was about to seriously change. The world with the garden that provided fresh foods and herbs for the day and to preserve for the winter and for friends to enjoy; neighbors who were having babies and children who played in front and grandchildren swinging high on a homemade wooden swing. It was a world that seemed to encompass all seasons of the Celtic Year. February, Imbolc: song birds returning; planning new gardens; crocuses breaking through the snow. Beltane, Spring: the season of new birth; the days are lengthening; new gardens; fresh new lea

I Stood Among the Trees

I was blessed to have some time at the Downing House the other day. This “House” is really an estate of beautifully adorned homes, a chapel, and lots of trees, bushes, and grass. There is also a small pool, spacious patio, and all kinds of …well…life! The place is teeming with bees, butterflies, rabbits, squirrels, and one Tyrannosaurus Rex about three inches tall. Oh! I had the entire place all to myself! I settled into the upstairs library with its fine – looking wood and comfy, creaky chair at the desk. The library reveals solitude and inspiration. I was so very conscious of the gratitude within me it was almost too much. Shortly after I finished my project I decided to walk among the gro

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