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When I sat down to write my first Celtic Way blog I was excited, but when my fingers touched the key board I became riddled with anxiety. After numerous blogs written in my head and several days of procrastination, I realized what was holding me back. The thought of sharing my journey with strangers was frightening!

I thought about the ancient Celts who were known for their hospitality and for them how there were no strangers. Many stories have been told of Celtic hospitality where travelers were known to go miles out of their way to pass through Celtic villages. It was a well-known fact that passersby were assured to be welcomed in from the cold, warmed by a fire, and fed the finest of a Celt’s hunt and crops. Strangers no longer, and better for the experience, the unknown traveler left as a friend.

It is in the true fashion of Celtic hospitality that I open my door to you, sojourners on the pages of Celtic Way, and invite you into the musings of my Celtic world. I haven’t always called myself a Celtic Christian although in retrospect that’s exactly what I’ve naturally been. It’s taken a while to get here but since arriving I feel more at home in my own shoes than ever before. To look at the wonder of all creation through a Celtic lens is a blessing beyond what words can describe. In that experience, for me, everything makes sense. Celtic consciousness is to be present to every moment, every person and every gift of creation in a way like no other.

To better know me and to give back drop to the stories I’ll share in coming blogs I’d like to share who I am in this life as I live the Celtic Way. I am a courageous woman who is a mother, a daughter, a wife, a sister, a friend, a caregiver, a visionary, a writer, a business woman, an activist, a defender of mother nature, and a passionate leader. I share a birthday, among other things, with St. Brigid and feel the comfort of her presence and the strength of her virtues deep within.

I’m happy to have taken the leap of faith and accepted the invitation to join this group of talented bloggers. I am in good company as we embark on the journey of building Celtic Way. It, no doubt, will be a grand adventure! It is an honor to share the journey with you my friends on the pages of Celtic Way’s blog. Until next time, may the blessings of each day fill your heart with joy!

Teri is the Executive Director of Celtic Way. You can read more about her here.

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