Living In Tension

Flip flops, sidewalk chalk, and an orange leaf. One of these things is not like the others. It doesn’t feel much like Autumn yet around here. Although we’ve tried. We went to an apple orchard last week for all the good stuff- apple cider and donuts and apple pie with cheddar cheese. It was 90 degrees out and we had to fight off a swarm of bees. Yesterday, my daughter and I continued our summer tradition of eating popsicles on our screened-in porch during a rainstorm. We watched and listened as the heavy rain unceremoniously brought down many of the orange and red leaves from the maple tree in our front yard. We dress for the cool weather in the morning, only to take off our jackets and swea

The Invitation of Iona

A I walked the narrow trail from the Argyll hotel to the Abbey I was taken by the thought of just how many people over centuries have walked, prayed, cried, and laughed here. Long before the Abbey was built there were people living here to greet Columba when he arrived in 563 AD. Since then the island has been raided by Vikings, become the center for Christian missionary activity to northern England, and the burial place for several Kings from Scotland, England, and Norway. Today there is a good sized ocean liner offshore bringing scores of pilgrims from all around the globe. There are roughly 130,000 visitors every year who are hungry and searching for their soul’s desire. There are 15 of u

CELTIC SPIRITUALITY: Tell me what it is to You?

Recently I was interviewed by a journalist from a religious journal who wanted to know my understanding of Celtic Spirituality. I had thought about what he might ask so I was somewhat prepared for his questions. I wasn’t prepared for how little he knows about Celtic Spirituality. It was quite a challenge. I don’t know how successful I was in explaining that, to me, Celtic Spirituality is not to be found in an institution but that it is a way of life; a way of living; a way of relating to God without a set of rules and regulations or demands. What I did tell him was that since childhood I have instinctively known about a God that lives in everything. What I didn’t say is that even though the

Journey Across the Pond: A Pilgrimage

I'm excited to journey with you as I travel the U.K. with family, friends and on my own. Our final destination is the Celtic Holy Land of Iona and I look forward to sharing the Spirit as it moves within and among us along the way! I'll be posting frequently on to the Across the Pond page of our Celtic Way website. In the meantime I'd like to have some fun with you. Who ever comes up with the best caption for the sign pictured here, taken while in Dublin, will win breakfast on me when I return from this adventure. Answer this chachallenge on our Celtic Way FB page. Thank you for your continued support, love and prayers. I look forward to seeing you all when I return. Fr. Scott Jenkins is a C


Beloved Rosie, my sons’ families’ Swiss Mountain dog, when she is left out on the deck alone or isn’t getting the attention she craves will moan: “row, row, row, row” which sounds for all the world like: “nobody loves me, nobody loves me”. Sometimes I feel like that too. All it takes is a good ear scratch to fix her problem. But of course, that’s never quite enough. And I must admit that a little attention fixes me up, and no it is never quite enough either. This plant got stuck behind a pile of boxes for a few days and sure enough when I noticed, it was forlornly saying: “nobody loves me”. When I started this blog, I thought it would be fun to write something light but events this week have

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