It Aint Over 'Til It's Over

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Rediscovering Community

I grew up in a “city” in Iowa. We lived in the suburbs with spacious yards, lots of kids (think Baby Boomer Generation), and a Mom in every house. If one of your neighbor’s moms caught you doing something you shouldn’t be doing you were as likely to get a good swat on your butt as not. Every mom in that neighborhood had authority over every kid. We knew each other. The neighbors gathered on our patio nearly every summer evening. They talked until dark and got along pretty well it seemed to me back then. Our family would go on vacation to Minnesota for a week and we wouldn’t lock our doors when we were gone –ever! The neighbors collected the mail and left it inside on the kitchen table. They

Sensuality, Spirituality, and the Gift of Life

I am sitting in a chair my neighbor gave us admiring my lawn. It is lush, green, and professionally well kept. Seriously, we are surrounded by a professionally manicured lawn, professionally trimmed trees, ignored bushes and an abundance of wild life. My lawn covers acres, literally. It is a serene piece of a combination wild life preserve and our own private front yard where neighbors bring their lawn chairs and we talk and drink Moscow Mules or whatever is handy that night. All this takes place according to some cosmically kept secret time table on our professionally kept lawn. I see the ducks that seem to pair up, at least for a while. I have never been asked to witness a ceremony for any

I Like To Drive

I like to drive. I drive a bright yellow Wrangler Sport Jeep. That means there are no electric windows, no one click to lock or unlock the doors, and when you hit one of Aurora’s many pot holes…well, let’s just say you feel it. This time of year I wear a bikini. Don’t pass out. I should have explained that I take my autumn/winter hard top off of the Jeep (thanks to my son-in-law Brian) and I (Brian really does all of this) put on the late spring/summer bikini top. I like it. I can feel the breeze blow through my hair, hear all and I mean all the sounds urban life has to offer, and smell ALL the different scents of urban life. Big trucks, old cars, and certain models of buses fill the air w

Celtic Christian Spirituality Within An Urban Environment

Living the Celtic Christian Way in the suburban/urban environment fills my thoughts on most days. It is like a companion on the journey who beckons me, “come and engage me. Let me awaken new visions and insights.” These thoughts, these engagements…do they have the power to give birth to feelings? Are they the rain to nurture a growing awareness of the divine all around me? Do they call me into a deeper contemplation about life in general and move me to embrace deep, particular friendship at the same time? The traffic is much heavier than when we moved here twenty years ago. The freeways themselves have physically grown wider. New freeways and some not so free have blazed new paths in Colorad

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