Years ago, I framed this beautiful message. I walk by it daily but haven’t noticed the joy it brings for quite a while. Easter is the time to be reminded. And this is the season, Imbolc, that God reminds us as well. On our weekly visits to University Hospital in Aurora I detour through the gardens to see what is bursting forth again. It makes my heart rejoice. I had a difficult time again this Easter with the usual message that Christ died for my sins. First, I don’t believe that theology. It doesn’t make sense to my logical mind. Second, tied to it, is another common theological theme with which I disagree: that we must die as the grain of wheat dies when it is planted. I understand the id

People Over Perfection

At least once a day, we hear a soft knock on our front door. We’ve only been in our new house a few weeks, but we have already come to expect him. Last week, when I was picking up in the front yard, he came over with his sister. They asked me to fix the handlebars on their bike. I got out my husband’s wrench and tightened the bolts. “Can she come play outside?” the almost six-year-old in well-worn shoes and a torn coat asks. Brigid comes bounding around the corner to see who’s at the door. “Hi, Tommy!” she shrieks. Ever the sensible one, I begrudgingly reply, “let’s get our coats and shoes on.” He’s a “free range” kid. Despite “free range” being a popular parenting philosophy among my age gr


HIDE AND SEEK….you are my hiding place. Psalm 32:7 People watching has always been fascinating for me. I was sitting watching symphony goers passing me on their way into the performance when I noticed a handsome young couple approaching. They were tall and striking. She was wearing a black and gold mid-thigh length sheath dress and fashionable matching ankle-high gold boots. Then as she passed I noticed that her left leg was a full-length prosthesis. The physical therapist in me had not noticed anything in her gait that would have given her away to my trained eye. My first thought: I wanted to stop and talk to her and examine that leg. Followed immediately then by huge admiration for her co

Gifts of Diversity

Walking Wiener Dog & Lumbering Carpets…Gifts of Diversity I walk my little white schnauzer, Pippi along the same path around the golf course almost every day. If it is cold she just flat out refuses and says, “No, I’m NOT going!” But the other day was one of those beautiful Colorado days; blue skies that go on forever, snow covered peaks, ravens calling, squirrels scurrying, and rabbits chasing one another all over the place. Home. I live in a scenic home. Coming through the town homes were two smaller middle aged young women walking two of the largest beasts I have seen in recent memory. Towering dogs, wrapped in curling dark hair all over. This natty covering fell over their eyes and ears

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