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Celtic Reflections From Estes: Prophets and More Profits

Today the mountains are partially covered with low lying clouds. They are both hiding and revealing something. There is a telling of mystery which is so inviting. Yet there is a fire in the hearth, a warm cup of coffee and the desire to release which was sadly presented to me this morning. I am staying indoors until this is finished.

“NASA announced some grim climate news over the weekend. Last month was the warmest April ever recorded, with soaring temperatures that smashed the previous monthly record by the largest margin in known history. Sound like something you’ve heard before? It’s probably because you have. Based on NASA data, April was the seventh month in a row that global temperatures set a new record high. It was also the third consecutive month that the record was broken by the largest margin ever.” (NASA Email 5/17/16).

Being in Estes Park, full of natural beauty and an inherent slower pace of life, it is difficult to “see” what NASA sees. Everything is so “naturally” beautiful. Everything seems just fine with the trees budding, bushes blooming and green grass covering the earth like a well chosen carpet. There may be more hiding and revealing than I am willing to admit.

Today I read these words attributed to a teen-age prophet named, Jeremiah:

“Thus says the Lord, “Stand by the road and see and ask for the ancient paths, where the good way is and walk in it; and you will find rest for your souls.” (Jeremiah 6:16)

I believe, that part of what the prophet had in mind, is a deep wisdom we may want to adhere to so we may rediscover that “rest for our souls” and the soul of the earth. The ancient paths certainly included a closer more appreciative relationship with our natural world. In those days there was a rhythm we were attuned to; we understood that we were part of something not just the insatiable consumers of things. Asking for a rediscovery of ancient paths; seeing through all the inner obstacles which hold us in our self-centeredness; walking in an ancient way will become a visible word which will bring encouragement and hope to all who shout inwardly, “what can I do?”

The rest of the story in Jeremiah however is troubling. The people responded to Jeremiah, “But they said, “We will not walk in it.” Like these folks of long ago we too have choices to make. Recent studies show our society is largely becoming apathetic to global warming. It is time to do some soul searching. It is now that we are called to live our spirituality in ways which invite imitation, enthusiasm, and joy. God is still sending us prophets both inside and outside the church. We have beckoned to the call of profits long enough.

The clouds are dissipating now. The majesty of the mountains is coming into full view. What was hidden has come back for all to see. The ancient Celtic Christians believed there were two books of revelation, the older book of nature and the newer book of scripture. It is time to listen to them both and rediscover the ancient paths of harmony and peace.

The snow is coming down hard, now. My coffee is gone. It is time to get outside!

Father Scott Jenkins is a Founding Director of the Celtic Way. Read more about him Here.

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