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I remember this. Or at least days like this. This is the kind of frigid which is much deeper than just plain cold. If you pulled on one of these branches it would snap right off with a “crack.” The ice would shatter and the branch in its cold death-like grip would just fall. Eventually the snow and ice would melt. The branch would be worked into little bits and finally, find its way back into the earth from where it came.

It is March now and we have moved into the second quarter of the Celtic year. Though I am looking forward to moving into the full bloom of spring, I find myself asking, “What happened to winter?” We have had some typically winter days I know but winter seems to have been very sporadic this year at best. Does it seem that way to you as well? I wonder what all of this means for us and for the planet as a whole?

We have set all-time record highs for each month since October. That’s deeply troubling. When I am this kind of troubled, I begin to ask myself the kind of life style questions which will demonstrate my concern for the planet. I simply will not believe that I cannot make a difference.

I am a “wondering soul” in this world. So I will ask,

“Are you troubled by the changes in the weather these days?”

“What kind of questions, if any, are you asking yourselves?”

I would genuinely love to read your thoughts in the comments below or listen face to face if you would like to schedule a time to meet. Thanks for your time.

Father Scott Jenkins is a Founding Director of the Celtic Way. Read more about him Here.

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