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What the Owls Are Saying

A pair of great horned owls lives in the meadow just beyond my porch, and I’ve taken to checking in with those wisdom birds when my life is veering a little off track. Maybe what I think they are telling me is just an echo of my own deep wisdom, but they shared some timely nuggets with me this week that I will share with you.

Work hard, carefully and with focus when it’s time to work. Do your own work in your own way. We owls aren’t here to manage the meadow, you aren’t here to run the world. Employ your talents and skills with grace and simplicity. Don’t worry about what others are doing.

Be a loyal companion and a responsible land manager. Sing in the morning, keep the rodents under control and be happy in your own five acres. Let what you have delight and satisfy you.

Rest deeply and in utter stillness when it’s time to rest. Settle down. Recover when you need new energy. The wind will certainly ruffle your feathers and sway your branch but you will be fine. There is a place for you in the world and you are already there.

It seemed I heard the whole meadow shouting, All is well!

Blessings for the springtime,

Eileen J Terry

Eileen Terry is a member of Celtic Way's Board of Directors. Read more about her here.

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