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Living School Part 3: There is only a new tomorrow...

A word of introduction may be in order, particularly for todays’s blog. At Celtic Way we write, pray, engage in conversation, celebrate the breaking of the bread, and sing – not to replicate exactly the ancient Celtic Christian religion – but instead to share our evolving Christian faith which is strongly under the influence of our studies of the Celtic Christian faith. I might add that we are also influenced by the growing number of contemporary Celtic Christian authors. Continuing in this vein, what I share in print both reflects our spirituality without my expectation of everyone at Celtic Way having to hold the same belief or pondering. There must be so much more that holds us all together than agreement.

Having said all of that let me take you back to an ending as my way of beginning.

The first symposium of the Living School was over and I was on my way back to the airport before dawn. My dear friend, Scott arose with his ever present genuine kindness and chauffeured me while the rest of Albuquerque seemed to be asleep. Good friends are such a gift.

Something in me had changed through my experience. It is difficult to language even to this moment. I am appreciating - the change, living into this re-awakening, savoring of life stuff that is taking place within. But “naming” it is just a wee bit out of my reach right now.

The Celts honored the gift of free will, of that I am certain. Nothing would be predetermined until much later when an outside influence entered their lands. Freedom, free will, and the power to become flowed within them like life-giving fire. It is from this influence that I now accept the present “change”, "growth”, “maturing", "evolving" and "transforming” as authentic movements in my life...not having any predetermined idea where, when or how they will take me. But take me like a smitten lover, they will!

And God…yes, God, whose image is born in me and you will be the author, sustainer, and synchronistic companion every step of the way. And God…yes, God will behold in wonder and wait to see how you and I respond to the newness of each tomorrow we are blessed to have. We will do the dance together, walk the road a while. Together, in complete freedom we will co-create this sacred life. It is here, in our freedom that the gifts of calling and responsibility are born in each coming day to bless the world with challenge, mercy, and love.

2Corinthians 5:16-19,

Father Scott

Scott Jenkins is a Founding Director of Celtic Way

​Read more about him here

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