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Just Kidding...

Our friend, Jennifer invited us out to her home which lies just south of Elizabeth, Colorado. What a beautiful and peaceful place. Here is a two-story house built well over 100 years ago with such a fresh sense of hominess. There was such a genuine feeling of appreciated history as we were given a narrated tour complete with pictures and documents of days gone by. I got the impression that she lives as being part of this unfolding story.

Outside the house there are 10 acres of land that breathe peace to all who will receive it. Being in the midst of scattered trees, flowers, grass, gusty winds, and spacious skies was an unnoticed breathing in the Presence with each and every step. The one who lives in the house and the One who created the land walk hand in hand as unsurprisingly as life gets.

As we walked the land heading to the barn we met Don. Don Quixote, a very large goat who was taller than my waist. I like Don. He is friendly and follows very closely. I still think he wanted to munch on one of my pockets!

As we approached the barn door the new mother goat came out to see who was entering her space. She checked us out with eyes, ears, and nose and decided we passed the safety inspection… And there they were. Two not even one day old kids. One had curly hair the other straight. Adorable, clumsy, funny if not hilarious, loveable, hungry, curious, awkward, and playful.

There is something both mystical and magical about interacting with new life. Something almost unspeakable when you can touch, hold, and cuddle these kids who were yet to be two full days old.

Here we were, within the smells of the barn, the speech of goats and the clucks of chickens and literally touching and watching new lives take both steady and clumsy steps. Very earthy indeed. There was no room at the inn, they say. I think God has a preference for bringing new life into the world in a manger.

Maybe we will get an invite for Christmas!?

Father Scott

Creative Director

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