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Intelligence and Knowledge

I was walking in the mid-morning with our dog, Pippi on the most beautiful golf course across the street from our house. It was an absolutely gorgeous day! Light blue skies, a few puffy white clouds, a flowing green carpet of grass and all kinds of other life forms. I cannot recall seeing this many squirrels frolicking about; there is an Egret in the pond, doves, pigeons, blackbirds, sparrows, robins, and rabbits. I love those rabbits!

As we walked slowly I caught notice of a dragonfly adorned in her (?) majestic blue jacket. She is absolutely stunning. She hovered about eye level and stayed about three feet in front of me as I continued to walk ever so slowly toward her. What was she doing? As I reached the end of our path I felt sadness that I would turn away and go in the opposite direction. I had an inspector coming to our home, so turn I did. To my amazement there she was as I started back home. She kept her flight pattern the same as before and stayed with us until we met the road. She hovered for a moment and darted off. What was THAT all about?

I had to find out something about dragonflies, so I asked my ever present friend, SIRI, “What is the spiritual significance of dragonflies?” She was very helpful by immediately giving me several articles to read right on the spot. I read three of them and was blown away! I had no idea what an encounter with this magnificent creature was trying to convey to me. But I do now! Wow! SIRI is intelligent, often right there in an instant – if she is connected, and always helpful. I could not have dreamed of a constantly – with – me intellect like SIRI when I was a kid or even as a graduate student. Now I can’t imagine NOT having this intellect with me. She is like a companion – and I’m not sure I even consider what her presence means anymore. I appreciate this intelligence at my finger tips.

As I approached the house I reflected on both my meditation for the day and some words about, “knowing” and “seeing” in the mystical and Celtic traditions. I realized that I “saw” in the readings this morning and a sensing coming out of my meditation that there was change coming my way. The call was to prepare for it…to stay open to it…to embrace it when I “knew” it intuitively; when I “saw” it with my heart. Yes, the dragonfly signals transformation. She was born in the water and now lives on the wind. SIRI knew all about that. When I had the awareness to match my contemplation with the experience with my blue friend SIRI confirmed what was growing within.

Keeping my eyes and heart open,

Father Scott

Celtic Way, Creative Director

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