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The Invitation of Iona


I walked the narrow trail from the Argyll hotel to the Abbey I was taken by the thought of just how many people over centuries have walked, prayed, cried, and laughed here. Long before the Abbey was built there were people living here to greet Columba when he arrived in 563 AD.

Since then the island has been raided by Vikings, become the center for Christian missionary activity to northern England, and the burial place for several Kings from Scotland, England, and Norway.

Today there is a good sized ocean liner offshore bringing scores of pilgrims from all around the globe. There are roughly 130,000 visitors every year who are hungry and searching for their soul’s desire.

There are 15 of us in our little band of seekers and we have prayed together inside the Abbey and in many places all over the island. My soul is refreshed. We’ve shared many a spiritual conversation. It was good to be here.

Thank you, Columba and all the faithful followers who helped make this such a sacred place. Thank you O, God.

Fr. Scott Jenkins, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Celtic Way

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