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I Stood Among the Trees

I was blessed to have some time at the Downing House the other day. This “House” is really an estate of beautifully adorned homes, a chapel, and lots of trees, bushes, and grass. There is also a small pool, spacious patio, and all kinds of …well…life! The place is teeming with bees, butterflies, rabbits, squirrels, and one Tyrannosaurus Rex about three inches tall. Oh! I had the entire place all to myself!

I settled into the upstairs library with its fine – looking wood and comfy, creaky chair at the desk. The library reveals solitude and inspiration. I was so very conscious of the gratitude within me it was almost too much. Shortly after I finished my project I decided to walk among the grounds which…I had all to myself! I walked around the house and over to the side of the hill and down the path a little ways.

I stood among the trees. I just stood there for quite a while.

“Trees are penetrating preachers” Herman Hesse once said. And I, without notice had walked into a sermon that entered the intersection of my life. Being all alone at the Downing House was a present reminder of how busy I like to keep myself so that I can avoid what inner work is calling me to do. More than that, it was a sample of The Living School which I will be going to on Monday. This is not a school which primarily imparts more information. This feels like a holy cauldron, the furnace of growth, change, and transformation. I will embrace this opportunity, the best I can. I will learn to deepen my practice, to listen well, to go slowly.

I was privileged to be at the Downing House. I am privileged to attend the Living School. I will be grateful for your prayer & support during these next two years as I seek to “let go” and be open for what God is asking of me. The Celtic Way believes that it is necessary it have a soul friend upon the journey. I am thankful for my friends.

I stood among the trees. I just stood there for quite a while.

May the gift of this day fill our hearts with gratitude,

Fr. Scott

Scott Jenkins is a Founding Director of Celtic Way read more about him here

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